Ligovsky City -
The Second Quarter
Residential complex
232 Ligovsky ave., Frunzensky district, St. Petersburg
Project documentation
Разрешение на строительство от 28.06.2017 г. Аудиторское заключение по годовой бухгалтерской отчетности за 2016 г. Положительное заключение экспертизы проектной документации и результатов инженерных изысканий от 15.06.2017 г. Документы, подтверждающие права Застройщика на земельный участок Проектная декларация от 16.08.2017 г. Проектная декларация в редакции от 27.10.2017 г. Проектная декларация в редакции от 08.12.2017 г. Проектная декларация в редакции от 15.12.2017 г. Проектная декларация в редакции от 19.01.2017 г. Заключение Комитета по строительству о соответствии Застройщика и проектной декларации требованиям, установленным частью 2 статьи 3, статьями 20 и 21 Закона № 214-ФЗ, выданное 29 августа 2017 года № 62/2017 Проект Договора участия в долевом строительстве Проект Договора долевого участия Проект Договора участия в долевом строительстве в новой редакции Договор страхования гражданской ответственности Застройщика Выписка из ЕГРН, подтверждающая права застройщика на земельный участок
Number of storeys

10-12 storeys
Total area

87 000 sq.m
Built-up area

2,4 ha
About project

Ligovsky City is a large-scale project implemented by Glorax Development under the programme for redevelopment of territories in the historic centre of St. Petersburg. The project is based on a concept created by a Dutch urbanist from MLA+ architectural bureau. This concept presented in the “St. Petersburg. Gray belt. Transformation” open contest received a high recognition by experts and became one of the three winners.
Ligovsky City is aimed at giving a new life to the location and creating a homogenous social environment on the site of the former industrial enterprises. On the one hand, this means rational use of urban spaces; on the other hand – preservation of historical heritage and its integration into the up-to-date urban context. Future residents of the quarter will receive high-quality space for living, work and recreation within the city boundaries, while the Northern capital will receive a new impetus for development.

All quarters within the project will be implemented under the same concept that involves creating a new environment with up-to-date housing, own infrastructure and comprehensive territory landscaping. The concept places a special focus on issues associated with safety, social infrastructure availability and versatile possibilities for residents’ relaxation. Two existing metro stations and Borovaya metro station, which is under design phase, provide a good transport availability of the quarters.

The Second Quarter is a business-class residential complex that has continued the implementation of the Ligovsky City project. The buildings within the Second Quarter have logically developed the architectural vector of the First Quarter project. The appearance of the new quarters is based on the best specimens of constructive urban development featuring an optimum number of storeys, a carefully adjusted geometry of lines and a well-balanced visual solution. Multifunctionality of the space and reasonable zoning underlie spacial planning of the quarter. Here every piece of space serves for residents’ recreation, sports activities, reading, playing with children, walking with pets, working with laptops and surfing the Internet.

232 Ligovsky ave., Frunzensky district, St. Petersburg